Vegan MoFo Post #7!

I’ve written a guide to Portland already, which you can read here. However, I was back in Portland for a week this time and got to try out some new places and revisit old favorites, so another post is due!

The Sudra Vegan Indian Portland | Vegan Nom Noms

The picture above comes from the all vegan Indian food joint and cocktail bar The Sudra. I can’t remember what I got now, I think it was the Chickpea Cutlet Plate with chickpea cutlets, ginger-molasses root vegetables, kale in tahini dressing, roasted red pepper-cashew chutney, cilantro-lemon, pickled anaheim chilies and brown basmati rice with the Beet Generation cocktail made from Volstead Vodka, Beet and Lemon Juices, Brine & a Pickled Bean. A beet cocktail, yes!! Voo Doo Donuts Portland | Vegan Nom Noms Next stop was Voo Doo Donuts Too, which I didn’t get to last time because I am a lazy tourist and don’t like waiting in lines. We opted to go to the smaller location that isn’t as popular, same donuts right?! I got the Vegan Cock (ahahhahahah!) and the Gay Bar donuts. They both had cream filling and were delicious, but put me into a deep sugar coma after.Potato Champion Portland Vegan Poutine | Vegan Nom Noms

Another place I really wanted to get to last time, but didn’t was the Potato Champion food truck to try their Vegan Poutine. This time I made it and it was so delicious! Poutine is basically french fried with cheese curds and gravy. I of course topped it with Sriracha. I loved the cheese so much I asked what it was and they cold me it was the Teese Mozzarella flavor, so it’s totally recreate-able! They even had peanut butter and jelly poutine, made with smokey chipotle raspberry jam and satay sauce. Interesting!

Vegan Tacos Food Truck Portland | Vegan Nom Noms

Potato Champion is in a big food truck pod with lots of other options, so I also got some vegan tacos for dinner…yum!Homemade Food Portland Tofurky Kale | Vegan Nom Noms

This was not in a restaurant, but I just wanted to point out a big luxury in the travelin’ life….a home-cooked meal with lots of vegetables. I’ve found it pretty difficult to eat the amount of vegetables I usually ear while traveling and eating out quite frequently, so whenever I do have a kitchen I go into vegetable overload.

Me with Giant Lens | Vegan Nom Noms

Unrelated to food, I went to this awesome art and crafty market called Renegade Craft Fair: Portland Mini Market. I even bought something, a purple sling over shoulder back-pack bag made from a Cambodian rice sack. We went into the hip furniture store next to the market and played with these magnifying glasses.

Los Gorditos Vegan Mexican Portland | Vegan Nom Noms

One of the places I HAD to return to was Taquerita Los Gorditos, who has a whole separate vegan menu. Seriously the best Mexican food of my LIFE so far. I didn’t even branch out and got the same thing I did last time, the Empanadas Rellenas — Corn masa stuffed with vegan cream cheese & jalapeños, and a side of vegan “meat”. Oh. My. Gosh.


Paradox Cafe Portland Tater Tots | Vegan Nom Noms

Another place I returned to was Paradox Cafe, which I still love. We decided to check it out again as they have breakfast late even on weekdays and we wanted brunch, but it was Monday. We got these awesome homemade tater tots, yummmmm.

Paradox Cafe Portland Vegan Breakfast | Vegan Nom Noms

For my main meal I got the Country Comfort, which was tofu, veggies or sausage; breakfast potatoes and a wheat biscuit smothered in almond gravy. It was delicious, but I probably should have opted for the veggies as my plate is looking pretty carby. So good though! Check their website if you go, if you sign up for their newsletter or go early there are coupons for 10-15% off your whole bill. This place has pretty great prices in general!

Portland Weirdness | Vegan Nom Noms

And I’ll leave you all with this dude, who I found in a tree outside my friend’s apartment. Keep Portland Weird?

Next stop…California! If you can’t get enough and want to read about even more delicious vegan Portland food…read this! Want more? Try the Posts by Location page, Recipe Index or follow me on Instagram!