Overwhelmed by all the vegan cheese options?! Here are all my reviews in one place and some notes I have about each!



One of the most solid cheeses for slicing. No extreme or super spicy flavors so most likely to please everyone. I’d say this one is the most “normal”, but they also really got the texture down.


These are all solid but softer and more spreadable, but they have the best sharpness compared to most of what’s out there in my opinion. Try this if you’re really missing that cheesy sharp tang. Question and Answer with the owner included in the post!


Dr. Cow has been around since good vegan cheese was barely an idea in the collective vegan mind. They have the largest variety of flavors and some really unique ones. They experiment with ayurvedic ingredients as well and having a product that is tasty and good for you. They have a brick and morter shop in NYC and you can of course buy online.


Avellana Creamery is unique as they use local hazelnuts from Oregon as the base of all their cheeses instead of cashews like most companies. This gives them a different kinda flavor, but it works!



Vtopian stands out for their freaking amazing chocolate Strawberry brie and Macadamia and Cashew Camembert in my mind, wow. Most of their cheeses are solid and sliceable, somewhere between the consistancy of Treeline and Punk Rawk Labs. They are also based in Oregon and opened a brick and mortar shop in Portland, but you can buy online too. Really, dat brie tho.


At the time of writing, Cheezehound is there for any lucky New Yorkers or those in or visiting the New York area and they don’t sell online yet. However, their Macademia cheeses and fresh mozzarella have the most realistic texture that I’ve tried. Their grey day blue (in the picture) had an amazing sharpness to it. I’d only say they aren’t super portable yet, but damn, try some of this when you’re in New York. My super milk-loving friend even raved over it.

Which other vegan cheeses have you discovered where you live?!