It seems like every country has their own way of doing french fries. In America, it’s ketchup. Canada, mayo. In the Czech Republic? Tartar sauce. You heard me. My favorite drunken food, I was sad to discover one night that my fries (or should I say, hranolky) were covered with ketchup and an unknown white subtance that did not look vegan. Since then, I’ve felt a little left out. I want to try this strange combination too!

Luckily, today I was wandering around one of Prague’s little health food chains, Country Life, and found this gem: Soyová Tatarka or, soy tartar sauce. Success! I just moved into my new flat and I’m a little embarassed to say that frozen french fries with tartar sauce were my dinner. I’m still in that too flustered and unsettled to cook much stage, but eventually I’m going to bust out some quality noms. Until then, I expect a lot of posts of random ass vegan products I find around Prague.

I want to start a list or website or something listing all the vegan shit in Prague I find like coffeeshops with soymilk, nutritional yeast, etc. Maybe that will be in the works once I compile more info as I couldn’t find anything like this myself in English and could’ve really used it. Luckily, my flatmate just pointed me in the direction of some nooch, which pretty much made my life. Would a list like this be useful to anyone?