I didn’t really have anything to do with this besides being the enthusiastic spectator and creepy photographer. In any case, the fact that my flatmate went for a hike in the country and came back with wild poppies is pretty neat, I think. The fact that she then made opium, I mean, lemon poppy seed cookies with the wild poppies is even cooler. I guess we can find/grow lots of this stuff in the States, but it seems much less common for anyone I know in the States to come home with poppies, walnuts, chestnuts and/or pears collected during a walk home from work, while this kind of foraging is pretty common in the Czech Republic. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in the suburbs, though I live in a city here (Prague) and that doesn’t seem to stop anybody.

Nature is awesome.

Poppy seeds in their home!:

My flatmate with her victims:

Things my flatmate “foraged” on her way home from work. For awhile we had a pretty large collection going…

Oh yeah, the cookies were pretty good too. If I actually made them I’d put a recipe up here, but I really just partook in the eating.

For reference, this is what a poppy flower looks like, because when she brought these dried poppies home I was really flabbergasted and confused as to the life of a poppy flower plant: